Six Tips to Keep Kids Occupied on Road Trips

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Taking kids on road trips can be difficult, as children are inclined to get tired, bored or grumpy when traveling for long periods of time. Here are some tips to help keep your kids entertained and occupied on your next road trip.

1. Bring Plenty of Snacks

This is essential, or the kids will get hungry in between meals. Bring some healthy and nutritious snacks, such as crackers and peanut butter as well as sweets. Too much sugar will make it hard for them to sit still.I was looking for more information and found it here. The same goes for drinks. Stick to unsweetened juices that will quench their thirst without making them hyperactive.

2. Bring Diversions They Can Work on Quietly

Aside from any electronic devices, it's good to have old fashioned diversions that kids can work on quietly. This includes books, coloring books, puzzles and notebooks in which they can write or draw. Bring plenty of colored pencils or crayons. Stay away from markers, however, which will smear or leak.

3. Choose the Right Hotels

You should pick hotels that are family friendly. It's best if the hotel has a restaurant with a menu kids will like. Another good feature to look for is a swimming pool, which will give everyone some exercise and a way to cool off.

4. Plan Your Route

You don't want to get lost when traveling with kids. Even if you have a GPS, you should also have a good map with you as well. Your GPS may not always recommend the best route. Make sure you choose routes with plenty of places to stop.

5. Take Frequent Breaks

When traveling with kids, you shouldn't count on driving for 10 hours nonstop, or even 4 hours. Even short breaks will give you and the children time to walk around, stretch your legs, use the restroom and get a respite from being in the car.

6. Movies and Books

Kids can watch movies on iPads, laptops or even phones. Audiobooks can also be a nice diversion. These can be downloaded from the web. Many public libraries now let you download free audiobooks when you have a card.

Preparing Your Pet for Your Trip

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Many pet owners would never consider leaving their pet behind when going on a trip or on vacation. However, before taking a dog or cat on a trip, there are important steps to follow in order to prepare your pet for travel.

Before a trip, make sure that your pet is in good health. Have a veterinarian examine your pet, and make sure that all of its vaccinations are up to date. Make sure that you have documentation that your pet was vaccinated against rabies. If your pet is very anxious while traveling, your veterinarian may give you a tranquilizer for your pet to take on the day of the trip.

The next step is to pack everything that your pet will need while away from home. Take along enough of your pet's food, and take some water along as well. If your pet takes medications, be sure to pack enough to last for the duration of your trip. Also, place an identification tag on your pet's collar so that it can be returned to you if it becomes lost while you are away.

Locating Pet-Friendly Facilities When Fido Comes Along

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Take the stress out of traveling with your pet. Before you head out on your travels take the time to do some research. Find two or three hotel chains that advertise as pet friendly. Make sure the ones you choose have a property relatively near to where you live.

Visit each of the hotel chains and ask them to see what makes their chain pet friendly. Advise them that you plan to make several bookings for your trip, once you have found, and selected, the most pet friendly hotel chain to use.

Searching for pet friendly hotels, and facilities, in this manner puts the monkey on the back of the various hotel chain sales staff. Make them win your selection. A hotel has to do more than say they are pet friendly. There should be pet walking areas, easy to access pet supplies and perhaps a list of local veterinarians in case your pet is having problems during travel. A truly pet friendly hotel will even have pet food you can order for your pet, as well as allowing you to bring your own food for Fido.

You will do a good amount of research before you start your trip. You should make sure a fair amount of that research will benefit your pet.

Preparing for the Vacation of a Lifetime

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The vacation of a lifetime sounds exciting but you had better make sure you're prepared and that means settling business on the home front, first. It doesn't matter where you are going, if it's in the country or outside, you should make sure you're ready.

One of the first things you should have done is updated your passports if necessary. If you're going to leave the country, you're going to need passports and other necessary travel documents. There's just no way around that. Don't wait until the last minute.

The house is also another issue. There are services including home security in Seattle, WA and other parts of the country that can help secure the home. Another thing you can do is have a neighbor collect your mail while you are away. Really, anything to avoid just telling the intruders you're gone.

And if you have any pets that you are planning to put in a kennel, you need to make sure they are all up to date on their shots. If not, you could come home to a nasty case of kennel cough which could develop into something far, far worse.

Once you're finished preparing, you can start daydreaming about your vacation.

Most Popular Vacation Destinations in the United States

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On July 16, 1790, the creation of the capital was improved by the United States Congress. The District of Columbia, capital of the world's wealthiest and strongest nation, is not part of any state; it is a district. Washington DC has some of the most historic places to see and is one of the most popular destinations in The United States. From places like the Washington national monument, Lincoln Memorial, Great Falls Park, and plenty of others, Washington DC is a great place to bring the family.

Washington National Monument
The Washington Monument is located at the western end of the mall, which stands at 555 feet tall, making it the highest masonry structure in the world. The monument was built in honor of the first U.S. President, George Washington. The elevator ride is free and takes you to the top floor, giving you a bird's eye view of the nation's capital.

Great Falls Park
The Great Falls is an 800-acre park, four miles from Washington D.C. It is known for its beautiful scenery and rushing white waters. Great Falls offers many activities such as horseback riding, bicycling, hiking and rock climbing. Fishing is allowed, but you must have a valid permit.

Compare Flying vs. Driving to Your Vacation Destination

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If you are looking at traveling for vacation and it is within the country, you have two main options for arriving to the location: flight or drive. The means of transportation is going to vary, depending on what works best for you and your travel mates. You just need to compare the two options and see what works best for you.

If you are traveling by yourself, flying might be best. This is because while driving you have to pay for the gas all on your own, while if you are traveling with friends, you can split it up, making it cheaper this way.

Think about how much time you have to travel. If you only have a couple days, you don't want to spend more time on the road than vacationing, in which case it is better off to fly whether to drive.

Decide if you want to spend that much time in the car or not. Driving can be fun, if you enjoy stopping, seeing roadside attractions and just taking it easy. However, driving 10, 12 or more hours at a time can be very taxing on the body and you may just want to avoid this kind of hardship all together.

Five Tips for Packing Your Luggage

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If you are planning a trip soon and are looking at packing your luggage, you need to follow a few tips in order to make sure you not only bring what you need, but are able to get everything on the plane without receiving heavy overage charges.

1) Put everything you believe you need on your bed, then reduce it by 10 percent. Chances are you don't need all of this, and besides, a lighter bag allows for more souvenirs.

2) Avoid bulky electronics. You don't need a hair dryer or iron. The hotel is going to have all of these items. If you need a curler or other material, look for travel sized equipment.

3) Check out on the airline's website how heavy the bags can be you check. You don't want to receive overage penalties just because your bag is a pound or two over weight.

4) Weight your bag. There are small scales you can purchase just for luggage. You simply attach the luggage to the scale handle then pick it up. The scale is able to tell you the luggage weight.

5) Put everything you can't afford to lose on your carryon. You never know when the airline might drop checked baggage.

Five Tips for Planning Your Next Vacation

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There are a few helpful things that you can do when planning your next vacation. First, explore the various sites in your destination location then plan out a complete itinerary. Having a daily schedule will minimize precious vacation time spent on deciding what to do next. Next, research the customs of your vacation destination. This is especially important if you are traveling to a different country. Knowing the customs of the people amongst you will provide for smoother communication while on your trip. Check the weather before packing. Knowing the type of weather that you will encounter allows you to pack sensible clothing and eliminates the need to purchase additional clothing while on vacation. Briefly describe the vacation destination to the children. Highlight any historical features of the location as well as any unique information that may catch their interest. Lastly, bring small items that can keep you and the children busy when you encounter down time. For example, if you are flying to your vacation destination you are sure to spend some time waiting upon departure and arrival. Travelers can reduce the stress of waiting by staying busy doing a crossword puzzle, coloring, reading or playing a handheld video game.

The World’s Most Popular Vacation Destinations

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There are some incredible vacation spots throughout the world, many of which are right in your back door. So, whether you want to travel around the world or stay in your home country, chances are there is some place for you to visit, as long as you don't mind the crowds, as these are some of the most popular vacation spots in the world.

Las Vegas

This is one of the most popular hot spots in the entire world, as people from all other the globe come and check out the location. This place is perfect for both young and old, and proves experiences you can't find anywhere else.

Disney World

Let's face it, no matter how you feel about the amusement park, it is one of the most popular destinations in the entire world. There are other Disney World parks in different countries, but it doesn't stop tourists from flocking in, willing to shell out big bucks for anything with ears on it.


Paris is an idolized location for many people, and whether they fall in love with the city or not, it is still one of the most popular tourist attractions for individuals to visit in the world.

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